Twist On Taylor


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    Twist On Taylor

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Twist On Taylor, led by Sara Jessica Rhodes, is an exceptional ensemble delivering an authentic and captivating Taylor Swift experience to audiences everywhere. Sara has a remarkable talent for emulating Taylor Swift’s vocals & stage presence. With her powerful voice and striking resemblance to the original artist, she brings Taylor Swift’s music to life. Accompanying her is a group of talented musicians who help create the bands’ incredible live sound. Having expertise in various instruments they bring the essence of Taylor Swift’s songs to the stage with precision and authenticity. Twist On Taylor performs an extensive repertoire of Taylor hits, encompassing both her country & pop music eras. They incorporate dazzling visual effects, choreography, and stage designs to create an immersive and memorable atmosphere. Available regionally and nationally, Twist On Taylor delivers a high-energy and professional performance that pays homage to the music while providing an entertaining experience for fans and music lovers alike!