Tom McTiernan


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    Tom McTiernan

    Stand up comedian

    Tom McTiernan is was one of eight children, and grew up in the suburbs of New York City. Being a product of such a multi-cultural and media driven area of the country, leads to many unanswered questions. Tom’s quest to find those answers has lead to many laughs, and more questions. While traveling around the country performing in some of the best comedy clubs, Tom can also be seen in Theatres opening for entertainers such as Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdink to name a few. Still living in the New York area, Tom can be seen in the top clubs of the city. Following a recent appearance, comic actress Anne Meara (Ben Stillers mom!) stopped back stage to tell Tom how much she enjoyed his performance. An article in Newsday calls Tom ”one of the sharpest comics in New York”, saying ”his comedy is very funny, intelligent and good natured, someone you will be hearing a lot about.”