Tom Cotter


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    Tom Cotter

    Stand up comedian

    With a burst of energy Tom Cotter has taken the comedy scene by storm. His wise guy brand of humor and rapid-fire delivery never miss a beat. It is obvious Tom feels most comfortable on stage. Watching him perform one would think that the stage was his home and the audience was his family. Of the audience, Cotter says, “I feel as if I should be paying them.”
    The youngest of six children, Tom has always used his penchant for humor to stand out. He readily admits, “I needed the spotlight on me because that was the only way I could get attention.” This would prove to be the first step in his comedy career.
    After graduating Dennison University in 1986, Tom entertained the notion of going to law school, but his true love was comedy. Although he held various jobs including work as a private investigator, “the problem is my red Ferrari was a white Volkswagen and the damsels in distress were guys named Nick and Tony” his thirst to perform had to be quenched. In 1988, armed with a drive to succeed and an eye on the future, Tom packed his bags and headed to Boston.
    It was not long before he became a regular in the Boston Comedy clubs. Audiences could not get enough of this young talent. Club owners asked him back time and time again. Tom was thrilled for the opportunity to develop his comedic gift.