The Sixties Show


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    The Sixties Show

    A Tribute to the Music of the 60's

    Through their electrifying performances The Sixties Show will transport you back to the 1960’s by meticulously recreating and celebrating the sights and sounds of that period. Attention to detail is what the show is all about. The Sixties Show shines and wows crowds with spot-on instrumental and vocal arrangements. Flawless musicianship all delivered with a driving energy that recalls some of the best shows and music by the Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys, The Kinks, Buffalo Springfield, The Who, Dylan, The Doors, The Yardbirds, The Turtles, Cream, Moody Blues, The Zombies and several other acts like these…Visually the band captivates audiences by entering wearing the stage outfits and look of the era. Behind the band is a large video screen projecting classic and nostalgic archive footage from the 60’s. These emotionally powerful images and film footage takes fans back to an extraordinary moment in time…That special place in the universe that was the 1960’s comes to life again with The Sixties Show!