Stone Flower


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    Stone Flower

    Santana Tribute Band

    Stone Flower was formed by William Rincon, Hugo Santiago and Alex Potrille, who together had a love for the music and sounds of Carlos Santana. They shared a vision to form a truly percussive, high-energy tribute to the Hall of Fame artist and his amazing band. The name “Stone Flower” comes from a song of the same name, off of Santana’s “Caravanserai” Album. This album represented a pivotal point in the evolution of Santana’s sound from the Latin Rock/Blues and Fusion albums, to the high-energy Afro-Cuban collaborative rock sounds that define Carlos Santana and his band today. Performing songs from Santana’s early days during Woodstock to his most current hits, get ready for a musical tribute to one of the most iconic Latin American artists ever…experience the essence of ‘Santana’ when you book Stone Flower today!