Side By Side


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    Side By Side

    A Vocal Variety Duo

    SIDE BY SIDE is the brainchild of creators Natalie Cordone and Shawn Kilgore. Combining their talents as performers, writers and producers, they created the show SIDE BY SIDE: A STEVE & EYDIE TRIBUTE. Knowing that their audiences were drawn to the chemistry, artistry and sophistication of their original show, they created SIDE BY SIDE: ON BROADWAY, AT THE MOVIES, HEART TO HEART and HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS to satisfy that same craving for quality entertainment. With a wide selection of show options highlighting a number of different musical genres, SIDE BY SIDE charms audiences with each heartwarming performance. Their show can be scaled to fit any venue and budget size with piano-only accompaniment or professional backing tracks for more intimate venues. The show can also be adapted to lengths varying from a 20-minute teaser to a full two-act 120-minute concert. The electric chemistry and captivating stage presence of vocal variety duo SIDE BY SIDE will bring your audience to their feet!