Richie Byrne


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    Richie Byrne

    Stand-up Comedian

    One of the most requested comedians working today, Richie’s talents are a unique mix. Combine the sharpness of the New York observationalist with the charm of an old-school storyteller–add a dominating stage presence with one of the highest laugh-per-minute counts in the business & you have only scratched the surface of this one-of-a-kind performer.
    A classic complainer, Richie’s rants on family, diets, popular music are the type of humor we all have experienced & can relate to. But, his most hard-hitting material is usually reserved for Richie himself. His stories about being on the set of shows like “Sex & the City” & “The Sopranos”… going to the doctor… or even just trying to drive home from the show will have you roaring with laughter.