Return to Paradise


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    Return to Paradise

    Celebrating the Music of Styx

    The Planets have now aligned. Light it up, let’s get this show on the road! Come on in and see what’s happening with a magical band of musical craftsman making sweet, sweet sounds in the air night after night. Together since 2009, Return to Paradise is a high-energy, theatrical tribute show to the greatest band in the world, “STYX”. The chemistry, the passion, energy and note-for-note accuracy of a legendary and historic performance up close and personal. We invite you to relive it all over again, our version, our grand illusion. Return to Paradise focuses on STYX’s trademark high-pitched harmonies, mixed with dual-guitar assault, solid rhythm section as the driving force of talent and influential, flashy keyboards. Now available for Corporate & Private Events, Resorts & Casinos, Festivals, Concert Halls, and more.