Mr. Speed


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    Mr. Speed

    Tribute to Kiss

    The band’s experience does the talking. Mr. Speed has performed at countless KISS expos along with many club shows throughout the mid-west. They have shared stages with other tribute acts and brought communities closer together performing at festivals as well. Their passion for KISS is real. They believe in bridging the gap between KISS fans from the ’70’s and the new legions of the KISS Arm, which sustains the staying power of KISS’ music for generations.
    The band’s show combines a lot of the elements that are reminiscent of a KISS performance. Their lit up KISS logo illuminates the backline of endless Marshall speaker cabinets. Their costumes replicate the ’76’-’77’ era of KISS’ career, a time when lips everywhere were coming together in unison to welcome the #1 band in America. Their set list includes everything from KISS’ career that you would expect to hear.