The Coasters


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    The Coasters

    50+ Years of The Original Coasters

    Show business has never seen a group quite like THE COASTERS®.  They occupy a special niche in the music field.  Because of their style and approach, they are in a class of their own.  No wonder THE COASTERS® are labeled “THE CLOWN PRINCE’S OF ROCK “N’ ROLL.  Nothing in the world is more difficult to achieve than a long term career in the record business by being funny.  THE COASTERS® have had a long unbroken string of hits all containing humorous materials. In this respect, THE COASTERS® are certainly unique. THE COASTERS® first hit ”DOWN IN MEXICO” was released in the spring of 1956. Sold approximately 500,000 copies. In 1957 they hit the chart with a double-sided smash “YOUNG BLOOD” and ‘SEARCHIN’. Each sold a million copies. This put THE COASTERS® on the road to a long career.