Can’t Get Next To You


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    Can’t Get Next To You

    A Temptations Experience

    ‘Can’t Get Next To You’ – A Temptations Revue featuring Larry Johnson.
    Motown Records dominated music in the 1960s on the strength of vocal groups such as the Temptations. Although the group’s melodies and vocal interplay sounded effortless, they were actually carefully organized to amplify the strengths of each individual member. ‘Can’t Get Next To You’ brings the music of this Motown super group to the stage. Larry Johnson, vocalist, producer, international recording artist & entertainer with over 35 years of experience as an industry professional. Larry has performed all over the world with four different Temptation’s groups, learning the actual walk and talk of the Temptations for the past 15 years. Learning the choreography, harmonies, and aura of this supergroup, Larry has gone on to emulate the Temptations in the best way possible, pulling from his experience of standing on stage with these legendary Temptations lead singers. Book Can’t Get Next To You Today!