90’s Kids


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    90’s Kids

    Superfly Tribute Band

    Get ready to time-travel back to the 90s with 90s Kids Superfly Tribute! This dynamic 6-member band brings the spirit of the 1990s alive with their high-octane, wildly entertaining performances of the decade’s greatest hits. Spanning across genres like pop, dance, grunge, and a little hip-hop, 90s Kids Superfly Tribute doesn’t just play music – it recreates an era. Their shows are a visual treat, complete with costumes and props, ensuring an immersive 90s experience. Audience engagement is essential to us, making each event a memorable, interactive blast from the past.

    Perfect for festivals, events, or parties, booking with us means reliving cherished memories while making new ones that will last a lifetime. Join in on the fun and nostalgia – 90s Kids Superfly Tribute is where the 90s never ended!